Local Library Gets Tech Savvy

31 Jul


What do you think of when you think of a library? Quite, silent, dark, old…am I forgetting anything? I think of innovative, current and online! The Grace A. Dow Library is just that. No longer your ordinary library, our public library offers book rentals through your hand held device! Now I don’t have to worry about accidentally tearing a page, carrying around heavy books in my purse or driving to the library in general!

Yeah, it’s possible to rent a book through your hand held device simply by visiting the library website and clicking on Overdrive EBooks to view the online selection of thousands of books! You will be prompted to Log In with your library card number when you get to the Overdrive page. (If you do not have a library card, visit the library and the ladies there will hook you up in just a few minutes. Just be sure to bring your Driver’s License. Don’t worry, they will not take your picture.)

If you have a Library card you can search for your book by title, category, author, etc. and find the book you are interested in. My current read is “Picture Perfect” by Jodi Picoult (one of my ultimate favorite authors). I love the way that she reels you into the story and makes you feel like you are living with the characters, through every flip of the page. I also love how the chapters are divided by characters’ viewpoints…but I digress. The fact that the library offers this program makes my interest to read more prevalent, because it is so quick and easy!

After you find your book and pick your download format you will be walked through how to finish the rental process. Instantly, seriously within seconds, your book will be digitally delivered to your device (just be sure to sync it when you turn it on next time).

The option to digitally download books onto your hand held devices is not something offered by all libraries. It is awesome that our library here in Midland offers something different and fresh for those of us that are a little more technologically advanced!

Now head to the Grace A. Dow Library website and search for that summer book you have been wanting to read and enjoy the fact that our library is as tech savvy as we are!


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