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Fall Favorites

23 Sep

Pumpkin PancakesCool crisp air, sweatshirts, football games and warm cider…who wouldn’t love fall? It seems to be a pretty popular season among us Midlanders and I am sure you can see why! Personally I am a summer girl, but fall is definitely my second favorite because I LOVE pumpkin everything! Now this love isn’t just an “I love those shoes” kind of love, it is a “when September hits I make everything with pumpkin in it” kind of love! For instance, last weekend I made pumpkin pancakes (without the yucky whip cream of course)! Subtle flavor, but delicious change of pace from your average plain Jane pancake and I definitely recommend them. I also am a huge fan of the PSL, Pumpkin Spice Latte for those of you non-coffee drinkers. Take your pick: Coffee Chaos, Grounds for a Better World, Journeys, etc. I love the PSL no matter where it is from! Please feel free to share your favorite pumpkin recipe with me or if you are nervous about trying one, send me an email with the recipe and I will let you know how it turns out.

I have come to the realization that not everyone is as obsessed with pumpkin edible delights like I am, so let’s talk about the other fun things you can do in the fall! According to our MYPros Poll Results, several of you also enjoy spending time outside watching the leaves change. The Rail Trail is the perfect spot to observe all of the beautiful changing leaves and if you want you can even take an adventure and journey off onto little side trails for more of a scenic experience! I know Jennelle Maki has found a couple awesome hiking trails off of the Rail Trail, so be sure to ask her about those if you are up for a new challenge this season!

Now if you don’t like being outside AND you hate the taste of pumpkin you will just have to visit our MYPros Poll and let us know what you do like! Enjoy the season…Happy Fall!


So, What’s Being Built Downtown Near the Dow Diamond?

18 Sep


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A lot of people have been asking,” What’s being built downtown?”  I know I am curious about it.  So far, all I know about the development is that it’s been dubbed the “East End” and that there will be offices and restaurants/coffee shops going in that building.  Like many of you, I can’t wait for the upcoming MYPros luncheon on September 26th at the Dow Diamond from 11:30 a.m.- 1:00 p.m. This luncheon is all about the East End, and we have four of the key leaders in this development presenting on a panel for this event. We have Jon Lynch, City Manager of Midland, MI, Kevin McGraw, President of Caddis Development Group, Herb Spence, President & CEO of Spence Brothers and Pat Gillespie, President of Gillespie Group.

I look forward to hearing all about how this development got started, when the project will be complete, what economic impact it will have on Midland and what this means for the future of Midland and our downtown area.  I also can’t wait to hear all about the businesses going in the East End. I know like many of you I would love more local restaurants, bars and of course, shopping!  For more information about the luncheon and to register, Click Here.

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Meet New People, Have a Drink and Make a Positive Impact.

16 Sep

Midland Area Homes Check

Wow, time fly’s by! It seriously seems like just a week ago we held our first 100 Young Professionals Club meeting back in April.  I can’t believe we are already holding our second meeting this year in just 3 weeks, on Thursday, October 3rd. If you’re wondering what is the 100 Young Professionals Club? Well I am more than happy to tell you about it. The 100 Young Professionals Club was created earlier this year by a small group from the MYPros Steering Committee.  The club is a giving circle, which is just a group of people which come together and everyone gives the same amount of money (which is $50 for the 100 YP Club).  Then we just pool the funds together and vote on what to donate to in the Midland area.  It can be a nonprofit, service club, go to help rebuild a park, help purchase necessary items for schools, etc.  Then once we decide what cause we are donating to, we get to surprise whoever we picked with a check from all of us! The best part about being in the 100 YP Club is that you get to see how your smaller amount of money can really add up when everyone chips in.  You also get to choose where to donate to and how the money is spent, you really have control over how your donated dollars are used.

One of the things we were conscious of when we planned this group, is that we didn’t want the meetings to be stuffy.  We want the meetings to be more informal, and feel like you’re just out with a bunch of friends for a drink while being able to give back to your community.  We hope to have more YP’s join us as our goal is to get 100 young professionals (hence the name), then we will be able to give $5,000 to worthy causes in Midland! Our next meeting we will be at the Holiday Inn, feel free to grab a drink beforehand at Big E’s and bring it to the meeting. The meeting s is held from 5:30-6:30 p.m. If you are interested in more information, or to join contact me, Jennelle Maki at or 989-839-9522 ext. 208.  I hope to see you there!

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Social Media Monday: RSS isn’t dead!

16 Sep

Google-RSS-ReaderAll of us have different interests and find a variety of topics interesting. Newspapers are dying and there’s millions of different resources on the Internet. So how can you get the content you want right at your fingertips? RSS feeds of course! However, how do you know which ones to use and what’s the best for you? Here are a few of my favorites that maybe you’ll like as well!

ZiteZite, a social news app, is one of my favorites. Zite is “an intelligent magazine that helps you discover interesting things to read.” All you have to do is tell the application what your favorite topics are; it can literally be ANYTHING. There’s fashion, sports, celebrity gossip, arts & culture, crafts, productivity and even Michigan! Once you subscribe to your favorite topics, it aggregates articles into “Your Top Stories” and presents it in a very visually appealing, easy-to-read format. It’s even integrated with the app, Pocket.

Pocket lets you recall a web page or article that you’ve saved so you can view it anytime on any device, even without an internet connection. Pocket is integrated into more than 362 applications across many platforms you probably already use, such as Twitter. You can also install browser extensions to save articles to Pocket right from your desktop.

FeedlyIf you were a Google Reader user, you know Google has discontinued its service. But don’t fear! RSS is not dead just because Google dropped it! There are a ton of other apps that have picked up the slack, such as Feedly. You can import your Google Reader feeds into the app and read your feeds in a variety of views – “magazine,” “headlines,” “mosaic,” “timeline,” etc. It also lets you send articles to Evernote and Pocket, or save them in an internal “Saved” folder.

If you’re in to social media and want to stay on top of all the fast-changing trends, a great resource to subscribe to is Rabbitgram! Rabbitgram is a daily e-mail from a London agency that gathers together the day’s top social media stories. No need to go exploring for what’s new; it all comes to you!

I could go on and on about all the options and apps we have, but no one would want to read it all. If you want to see what other RSS Reader apps are available, click here for the latest scoop and all the essential ones.

What are some apps you use to aggregate all your news? Which are your favorites? Comment and tell us!

Football, Colorful Leaves, Pumpkins… What’s Your Favorite?

12 Sep

Fall seems to be the most popular season among those in Midland. So we were curious to see what everyone loves the most!

Bright Colors, Big Flames and Dreams of Flying

10 Sep
A colorful balloon floats straight overhead at the 2012 RE/MAX of Midland Hot Air Balloon festival. Photo by Mark Kawiecki.

A colorful balloon floats straight overhead at the 2012 RE/MAX of Midland Hot Air Balloon Festival. Photo by Mark Kawiecki.

Hot air balloons are amazing. I’ve never ridden in one, but just watching them makes me feel like a little kid again. I get excited, mesmerized and I start dreaming about flying high above the city with the thunderous sound of the flame torch beside me. Power, beauty and grace all wrapped into one flying machine.

That’s why the RE/MAX of Midland Balloon Festival is one of my all-time favorite Midland events. It’s coming up fast so mark you calendars for September 12-15. More details can be found here.

Photo by Mark Kawiecki.

Photo by Mark Kawiecki.

Photo by Mark Kawiecki.

Photo by Mark Kawiecki.

Photo by Mark Kawiecki.

Photo by Mark Kawiecki.