Meet New People, Have a Drink and Make a Positive Impact.

16 Sep

Midland Area Homes Check

Wow, time fly’s by! It seriously seems like just a week ago we held our first 100 Young Professionals Club meeting back in April.  I can’t believe we are already holding our second meeting this year in just 3 weeks, on Thursday, October 3rd. If you’re wondering what is the 100 Young Professionals Club? Well I am more than happy to tell you about it. The 100 Young Professionals Club was created earlier this year by a small group from the MYPros Steering Committee.  The club is a giving circle, which is just a group of people which come together and everyone gives the same amount of money (which is $50 for the 100 YP Club).  Then we just pool the funds together and vote on what to donate to in the Midland area.  It can be a nonprofit, service club, go to help rebuild a park, help purchase necessary items for schools, etc.  Then once we decide what cause we are donating to, we get to surprise whoever we picked with a check from all of us! The best part about being in the 100 YP Club is that you get to see how your smaller amount of money can really add up when everyone chips in.  You also get to choose where to donate to and how the money is spent, you really have control over how your donated dollars are used.

One of the things we were conscious of when we planned this group, is that we didn’t want the meetings to be stuffy.  We want the meetings to be more informal, and feel like you’re just out with a bunch of friends for a drink while being able to give back to your community.  We hope to have more YP’s join us as our goal is to get 100 young professionals (hence the name), then we will be able to give $5,000 to worthy causes in Midland! Our next meeting we will be at the Holiday Inn, feel free to grab a drink beforehand at Big E’s and bring it to the meeting. The meeting s is held from 5:30-6:30 p.m. If you are interested in more information, or to join contact me, Jennelle Maki at or 989-839-9522 ext. 208.  I hope to see you there!

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