Midland Young Professionals (MYPros) is dedicated to connecting and developing the city’s young professionals (YPs). MYPros host luncheons, networking events, after-hours social events and other engaging activities to help YPs get involved and grow professionally. Midland is a vibrant city with lots happening, so we also make sure that YPs know what is going on in the area.

Download the MYPros Welcome Packet PDF for more information!

Download the MYPros Welcome Packet PDF for more information!

How do I join MYPros?
There is no formal membership needed for MYPros. If you are between the ages of 20’s to early 40’s, and your employer is a member of the Midland Area Chamber of Commerce, then you are welcome to attend any MYPros event or activity.

For more information on MYPros or to sign up for our monthly eNewsletter, please contact Jennelle Maki, Program Specialist at the Midland Area Chamber of Commerce, at 989-839-9522 ext. 208 or jmaki@macc.org.

Our Purpose:
Attract and retain talented young professionals by creating business opportunities, supporting community involvement and fostering an overall investment in the future of Midland.

Our Vision:
Provide personal and professional development opportunities that enrich the lives of young professionals, and improve Midland’s business climate and quality of life.

Midland’s Young Professionals (MYPros) will hold events on average once a month in an effort to meet the following goals:

1. Provide social and business networking opportunities to promote member companies and/or businesses.

2. Enlist educational speakers and presenters on popular topics as recommended by network participants.

3. Attract professionals to Midland and serve recently relocated professionals by giving them access to a network of business people and friends.

4. Develop interpersonal skills that will enhance the careers of young professionals.


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