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15 Dec

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MYPros On the Town November 2015

4 Nov

Maru Sushi & Grill! Conveniently located in the East End building across from the Dow Diamond, this restaurant is the new hot spot in town. Being the only sushi restaurant in Midland to offer such a wide range of options for those who are new to sushi or love the traditional style of sushi, Maru takes pride in their ability to create something for everyone. From their sashimi, nigiri, omakase chef creations to their chicken, shrimp, or ribeye hibachis, you can enjoy a nice variety of fresh and modern Japanese cuisine. Striving for the best quality of service, whether you’re in for a quick lunch or extravagant dinner, Maru wants you to experience it all. Support Maru by participating in this month’s event and see what all the buzz is about!

Print or show this post to your server anytime during the month of November and receive 10% off your entire order!


maru maru2

MYPros On the Town for June 2015

1 Jun

The MYPros Blog is back and better than ever! Every few months we will bring you an exciting new place to visit ‘On the Town’. You never know where we might be or what special offer we might have so make sure you follow Midland Young Professionals so that you don’t miss out on a great new hot spot!

This month’s MYPros On the Town is Crêpes Et Amis! Don’t speak Fren ch? Crêpes Et Amis means “Crêpes With Friends” and is the perfect spot to add a little culture to your lunch. From sweet to savory, this food truck turned café is serving up Crêpes to satisfy even the pickiest of your co-workers. You can even top everything off with a caffeine kick from their selection of artisan roasted coffees and drinks. Go support a local business by indulging in what Crêpes Et Amis has to offer. Bon Appétit!

Location: 130 Townsend St., Midland, MI 48642
Hours of Operation: Mon. – Sat. 7am – 3pm
Phone: (989) 486-3120

Display an electronic or hard copy of this article during the month of June to receive $1 off any one crepe!

menucrepe et amis

It’s hip to MOCK gov!

14 May

By Heather Litle

I love the month of May. Spring has arrived (hopefully!) and the promise of a great summer filled with family, friends and fun is just around the corner. The sun is finally shining, the flowers are blooming and with that comes the possibility of more date nights and girl’s nights out!

May also kicks-off the 2014 MATRIX:MIDLAND Festival and it’s tagline: ‘It’s hip to be HERE’ couldn’t be any more true this season. With a lineup featuring Huey Lewis and the News (SOLD OUT…sorry!), Tiempo Libre, ChefSteps and Brian Regan just to name a few, it is no wonder this is one of the hottest Festivals in the region. To kick it all off, though, is Capitol Steps, with a wickedly funny cast that holds nothing back and where it doesn’t matter what side of the political spectrum you are on, they will MOCK both.

capstepslive-reyna2014-jumpingstepsPhoto courtesy of Midland Center for the Arts

Capitol Steps has been satirizing current events, politics, and the latest scandals from Capitol Hill for the last 30 years. These former Washington insiders will take a stab at anyone within reach and will win everyone’s vote of approval.

Don’t take my word for it though. Take a look for yourself. Below is my favorite YouTube clip of Capitol Steps called Lirty Dies. I promise you will be hooked by the 1 minute mark, although you shouldn’t stop there!

So call the babysitter or grab your friends and get down to the Midland Center for the Arts on Saturday, May 31st at 8:00pm. You won’t be sorry!

Moving Day…What to do and not to do [Quarter Life Crisis]

14 Apr

By Heather Litle
Midland Center for the Arts

I just finished the process of buying and selling my first home. Now, I know you must be thinking, “How is that possible? How could I sell my first home, when I am only just now buying my first home?” Well, I guess technically, we are selling my husband’s first home and buying ‘our’ first home. Having never done this before, I immediately started asking myself a million questions, where do we start? How do we find a realtor? Do we buy first and then sell? Where will we live if we sell our house before we find a new one? All of these questions, and many more, raced through my mind and as a first time buyer I really had to rely on my friends and family for advice. I’d like to share with you some of the advice I received that I found helpful (and some that I found not-so-helpful).

Tip #1: Go with what you know…or who you know
There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to finding a realtor. Ask friends and family who they’ve used, who they liked or didn’t like, and the results and communication they received from that person/company. Communication is key. Red flags should start waving if someone mentions, “Oh, I didn’t hear from them for 2 months when I was selling my house” or “they were nice but it was hard to get in touch with them. I was always leaving messages and it’d be days before I got a call back.”

Tip #2: Go the extra mile…you won’t regret it
At the advice of our realtor, my husband and I paid the extra money to get both an appraisal and inspection of our house prior to putting it on the market. This helped us in 2 very beneficial ways. First, everyone has an emotional attachment to their home, especially one in which you brought your first child home to, and therefore you may think it is worth more than it really is. Needless to say, we weren’t overjoyed with the results of the appraisal but because we got that unbiased feedback (yes! your realtor is biased…and should be) we put our house on the market at a more realistic price and it sold within 8 days! Second, an inspection is a contingency on EVERY (see Tip #3) sales agreement and can create quite a bit of stress when trying to sell your home. We fixed all the minor things that turned up on our inspection and when it came time for the buyers to inspect our house, it turned up nothing – and man is that a load off your mind!

Tip #3: Always, always, always add a contingency for a satisfactory inspection to your purchase agreement
When buying a home, it is vital that you include a satisfactory inspection to your purchase agreement. Things go wrong with houses all the time, like a leaky kitchen sink 6 days after you move into a new house – yes this is happening to me right now – but you can seriously lessen the number of things by having a professional come in and look over everything prior to you committing 30 years of your life to a mortgage.

Tip #4: Don’t move when you are pregnant…NOT!
Ok, so this one sounds like a good piece of advice but I found it to be incorrect. My husband and I knew prior to having our first child that we would need a bigger house but we were told that we shouldn’t move while I was pregnant. And therefore, we waited – big mistake. Moving with an 11 month old is NOT fun! She is mobile and into everything! By now, she is aware of her surroundings and a big, empty house that she is not used to was not conducive for a good nights’ sleep for some time. She has adjusted nicely and now loves her new home and playroom but it was definitely an experience that I would have done differently had I known what we were getting into. For many this is unavoidable but for those of us whose timeframes are more flexible it’s something to keep in mind.

Tip #5: Do your research and stick to your guns
This might seem like an obvious piece of advice for many of you. Often; school districts, safety of the area, and distance to/from work, school, hospitals, etc. are factors when purchasing a home but sometimes these things are overlooked when presented with an updated kitchen, walk-in closets or amenities, such as that hot tub you’ve always wanted. Things you need to keep in mind when you start to sway are; why did you put certain things on your need/want list in the first place? What will the resale market look like? And no matter how strongly your family/friends/realtor try to sell you on a place, if it doesn’t feel right…it probably isn’t right.


The Countdown to Opening Day of Loons Baseball

2 Apr

By Bruce Gunther
Director of Communications, Great Lake Loons

For many, the true start of spring isn’t the day signified on the calendar – March 20 this year – but the Opening Day of baseball season.

With several months of baseball ahead, the realities of a long winter fade. And in our region, where we’ve been inundated with snow, cold, and more cold, nothing looks better than winter in the rearview.

For Great Lakes Loons fans throughout the Greater Bay region, Tuesday, April 8 marks the start of another baseball season at Dow Diamond, and the first sign of spring. It’s our Opening Day and, as always, we plan to get the party started with fun, baseball, and more fun. Enough winter already!

But before getting into too much detail, let’s first consider a few numbers (since baseball is always a game filled with numbers):
IMG_157114 – As in, 14 inches, the amount of snow Loons groundskeeper Nick Wolcott said was on the Dow Diamond playing field less than two months ago. Wolcott and his crew began removing some of that on Feb. 25. On March 7, the tarp was pulled over the infield and sand sprinkled over the outfield to kick-start the melting process.
5 – As in, the number of days later when the tarp was pulled back to reveal … gorgeous green grass!
Dow Diamond Midland, MI Shawn MacDonald_98 – As in, this will the Loons 8th Opening Day game. The first was on April 13, 2007, when beautiful Dow Diamond was opened for business.
9 – As in, the number of players from that first-ever Loons ’07 team who’ve gone on to play in the Major Leagues, including Clayton Kershaw, the highest-paid pitcher ever (and cameo actor on ‘New Girl’). Not bad at all.
9 – Also, as in our new Hump Day Happy Hour promotion, which will take place on nine Wednesdays throughout the season. This promotion will feature drink specials for fans 21 & over from the time gates open to one hour into the scheduled game time.

These facts all have led to this year’s Opening Day Celebration – presented by Consumers Energy – which features the Loons taking on Midwest League rival Cedar Rapids. Game time is 6:05 p.m., but the celebration certainly doesn’t begin with the first pitch.

  • The Celebration begins with a parade at 4:30 p.m. The parade launches at the corner of Gordon and Main streets in downtown Midland, and will be headlined by the Amazing Christopher – a highly-sought after fun-and-dance performer who has performed for presidents, princes and the Queen of England, among others. He’ll also perform during the game.
  • The Amazing Christopher is just part of the parade entertainment; among others in the lineup are the Saginaw High School and St. Charles High School bands, a stilt walker, the Central Michigan University pom squad, Northwood University dance, Northwood’s steel drum corps, members of the Saginaw Sting football team, and the Saginaw Spirit’s mascot, Sammy Spirit.
  • Of course, no Loon celebration would be complete without this region’s “Amabassador of Fun,” the one and only Lou E. Loon. Lou E’s back in town and fired up for another season. And he’ll be joined by Rall E. Camel. Be prepared to be entertained.
  • We’ll wrap up the day with a post-game Fireworks Loontacular, powered by Dow Corning. It will be the first of 13 Loontaculars at Dow Diamond during the 2014 season.

And let’s not forget the baseball part of the equation. The Loons will usher in a new season with a new manager (Bill Haselman, and another group of talented young players who hope to one day become starts like Kershaw. So far, 27 former Loons have made it to the big leagues, a number which will continue to grow.

Now let’s wrap things up with one final number:

1.9 million – The number of fans, give or take a few, who have flocked to Dow Diamond since the first-ever Opening Day in 2007. We can’t wait to add to that number in 2014.

Bruce-Gunther Bruce Gunther is the Loons Director of Communications. He will help manage the Loons internal and external communications, including overseeing all aspects of media communication, including social media. During the season, Bruce supports the local media with their game-day needs and doubles as the team’s beat writer for He also serves the Michigan Baseball Foundation, Dow Diamond, and ESPN 100.9-FM and

A Saginaw native, Bruce is the former sports editor of The Flint Journal and The Bay City Times. He has a B.A. in Journalism from Central Michigan University.