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Winter Quarterly Newsletter

15 Dec

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MYPros On the Town November 2015

4 Nov

Maru Sushi & Grill! Conveniently located in the East End building across from the Dow Diamond, this restaurant is the new hot spot in town. Being the only sushi restaurant in Midland to offer such a wide range of options for those who are new to sushi or love the traditional style of sushi, Maru takes pride in their ability to create something for everyone. From their sashimi, nigiri, omakase chef creations to their chicken, shrimp, or ribeye hibachis, you can enjoy a nice variety of fresh and modern Japanese cuisine. Striving for the best quality of service, whether you’re in for a quick lunch or extravagant dinner, Maru wants you to experience it all. Support Maru by participating in this month’s event and see what all the buzz is about!

Print or show this post to your server anytime during the month of November and receive 10% off your entire order!


maru maru2

Plymouth Park Fun Zone Renovation [Guest Post]

13 May

Fun Zone

By Stacey Urbani, City of Midland

Big things are happening in Midland and we’re excited to be part of it! After 20 years of children running and playing, the community will come together to renovate the Plymouth Park Fun Zone on June 4-8, 2014. It takes a lot of hands to renovate a playground and we could not do this without the help of volunteers and skilled professionals.

We are looking for volunteers to donate their time to help with the build, or provide food or tools for volunteers during the event. Below you will see a short description of each role that will be filled in order to complete the renovation.
Volunteer Roles

 “Skilled” (MUST BE 18yrs of age, cutting a straight line with a circular saw, familiar with power tools, measuring, cutting)
 “Unskilled” (carrying, assembling, sanding, shoveling, carpenter’s helper)
 Food Service
 Food Donation
 Tool Donation

To wrap up the project and celebrate the Fun Zone we hope you will join us for the ribbon cutting and picnic Sunday June 8 at 5:30pm. To register to fulfill a volunteer role contact Stacey Urbani at or call at 989-832-3256 or register online at

Fun Zone Volunteer Flyer


The Countdown to Opening Day of Loons Baseball

2 Apr

By Bruce Gunther
Director of Communications, Great Lake Loons

For many, the true start of spring isn’t the day signified on the calendar – March 20 this year – but the Opening Day of baseball season.

With several months of baseball ahead, the realities of a long winter fade. And in our region, where we’ve been inundated with snow, cold, and more cold, nothing looks better than winter in the rearview.

For Great Lakes Loons fans throughout the Greater Bay region, Tuesday, April 8 marks the start of another baseball season at Dow Diamond, and the first sign of spring. It’s our Opening Day and, as always, we plan to get the party started with fun, baseball, and more fun. Enough winter already!

But before getting into too much detail, let’s first consider a few numbers (since baseball is always a game filled with numbers):
IMG_157114 – As in, 14 inches, the amount of snow Loons groundskeeper Nick Wolcott said was on the Dow Diamond playing field less than two months ago. Wolcott and his crew began removing some of that on Feb. 25. On March 7, the tarp was pulled over the infield and sand sprinkled over the outfield to kick-start the melting process.
5 – As in, the number of days later when the tarp was pulled back to reveal … gorgeous green grass!
Dow Diamond Midland, MI Shawn MacDonald_98 – As in, this will the Loons 8th Opening Day game. The first was on April 13, 2007, when beautiful Dow Diamond was opened for business.
9 – As in, the number of players from that first-ever Loons ’07 team who’ve gone on to play in the Major Leagues, including Clayton Kershaw, the highest-paid pitcher ever (and cameo actor on ‘New Girl’). Not bad at all.
9 – Also, as in our new Hump Day Happy Hour promotion, which will take place on nine Wednesdays throughout the season. This promotion will feature drink specials for fans 21 & over from the time gates open to one hour into the scheduled game time.

These facts all have led to this year’s Opening Day Celebration – presented by Consumers Energy – which features the Loons taking on Midwest League rival Cedar Rapids. Game time is 6:05 p.m., but the celebration certainly doesn’t begin with the first pitch.

  • The Celebration begins with a parade at 4:30 p.m. The parade launches at the corner of Gordon and Main streets in downtown Midland, and will be headlined by the Amazing Christopher – a highly-sought after fun-and-dance performer who has performed for presidents, princes and the Queen of England, among others. He’ll also perform during the game.
  • The Amazing Christopher is just part of the parade entertainment; among others in the lineup are the Saginaw High School and St. Charles High School bands, a stilt walker, the Central Michigan University pom squad, Northwood University dance, Northwood’s steel drum corps, members of the Saginaw Sting football team, and the Saginaw Spirit’s mascot, Sammy Spirit.
  • Of course, no Loon celebration would be complete without this region’s “Amabassador of Fun,” the one and only Lou E. Loon. Lou E’s back in town and fired up for another season. And he’ll be joined by Rall E. Camel. Be prepared to be entertained.
  • We’ll wrap up the day with a post-game Fireworks Loontacular, powered by Dow Corning. It will be the first of 13 Loontaculars at Dow Diamond during the 2014 season.

And let’s not forget the baseball part of the equation. The Loons will usher in a new season with a new manager (Bill Haselman, and another group of talented young players who hope to one day become starts like Kershaw. So far, 27 former Loons have made it to the big leagues, a number which will continue to grow.

Now let’s wrap things up with one final number:

1.9 million – The number of fans, give or take a few, who have flocked to Dow Diamond since the first-ever Opening Day in 2007. We can’t wait to add to that number in 2014.

Bruce-Gunther Bruce Gunther is the Loons Director of Communications. He will help manage the Loons internal and external communications, including overseeing all aspects of media communication, including social media. During the season, Bruce supports the local media with their game-day needs and doubles as the team’s beat writer for He also serves the Michigan Baseball Foundation, Dow Diamond, and ESPN 100.9-FM and

A Saginaw native, Bruce is the former sports editor of The Flint Journal and The Bay City Times. He has a B.A. in Journalism from Central Michigan University.

Millennials are Entitled and Self-Centered, Right?

13 Mar

By Jennelle Maki
Midland Area Chamber of Commerce

WRONG! As a member of the millennial generation myself, I always feel I have to combat the stereotype that we are self-centered, entitled and only care about who we are texting. Last year the MYPros Steering Committee and the Midland Area Community Foundation worked together to come up with the idea of starting a young professionals giving circle as a way for YPs to learn more about the needs in the community in which they live and to do something about those needs. When we started this club, it started out small but we have grown quite a bit in our first year. This giving circle is a great way to help put that stereotype to rest and show that we are a generation that cares, and not only do we care, but we are taking action! The 100 YP Club only takes two hours and $100 a year. It’s amazing how with a little time and money we can truly make a huge impact in our community.


By now you’re probably thinking, “OMG, I have got to join this club, but I need more info!” The 100 YP Club started a year ago in April, 2013. In our first year, each member donated $100 annually and we gave a total of $3,900 to help local non-profits in the community. This year we hope to double that amount, and that’s where you come in. How the club works: We meet twice a year and each member contributes $50 at each meeting ($100 annually). We then take the pooled money and vote on a local cause in the community to donate our collected funds. The more people we have in the club, the larger impact we will have on the community.

Joining the club is easy; just come to our next meeting on Wednesday, March 26th at 5:30 p.m. at the Holiday Inn. All you need to do is donate $50 and bring a signed application to the meeting and you’re in! For more information on the meeting, donating and to get the application form click here.

Now I have to give a big shout out to the Holiday Inn. They have allowed us to use their facility at no cost to hold our meetings. The best part of being at the Holiday Inn is heading to Big E’s and buying a beer, wine or whatever and bringing it into the meeting room so we can all enjoy a nice beverage or food during our meeting. If you ask me, you really can’t beat a tasty beverage, meeting new people, enjoying time with friends and giving back to your community in one hour of time. I hope you’ll join us on March 26th to show this town that us Millennials give a shh… crap and we take action! Because if you don’t give back, no one will like you.

Behind the Scenes: Selecting Scholarship Recipients [Guest Post]

20 Feb

By Ben Tierney

Director of Communications, Midland Area Community Foundation

As a high school senior, I was the recipient of what I’m convinced is the most specific scholarship on our planet. It’s called the USS Indianapolis Survivor’s Fund Scholarship. To be eligible, you must be “a direct descendant of a survivor of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis”, per the scholarship website.

How rare is it to be a descendant of a survivor? For those non-WWII history buffs, the Indy (as my grandfather refers to her) was a heavy cruiser that was torpedoed and sunk by a Japanese submarine while on her way back from delivering the world’s first operational atomic bomb. Of nearly 2,000 men on board, 317 ultimately survived – after treading water and fending shark attacks for four days in the Pacific Ocean. It remains the single worst loss of life at sea in the history of the US Navy. My grandfather was a Marine on board the ship when it sunk. Incredibly, he was one of the 317.

While writing that scholarship essay to the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation, I remember thinking that I could have drawn them a picture of the boat in crayon and still received the award, because, honestly, how much competition could there be?

As it turned out, several other students did apply, and a group of volunteers reviewed every scholarship application to ultimately determine a winner. Looking back, I’m glad I took it seriously. I think my Grandfather was too (“I didn’t jump off a sinking ship and fight sharks for four days so you could throw your future away…”). By the way, the USS Indianapolis Survivor’s Fund Scholarship now accepts applications from descendants of non-survivors, which I believe was a positive change.

While that particular scholarship is held at the Grand Traverse foundation, the Midland Area Community Foundation holds nearly 200 individual scholarship funds. Some are very specific (though not quite “descendant of USS Indy Survivor” specific), others are very general. They all, however, have one thing in common: they need committees to review the scholarship applications.


Midland Area Community Foundation 2013 scholarship recipients

How it works

Scholarship review committees are made up of community volunteers. That’s you. Here’s how it works: you contact the community foundation at 989.839.9661, ask for our scholarship coordinator (Heather), and let her know you’d like to help decide who receives scholarships in 2014. The time commitment can be small (review 4-5 applications) or large (review 80-100 applications) or pretty much anything in between. That part’s up to you.

You’ll read short essays from high school seniors, current college students and adults seeking to further their education. You then work with your committee to vote on which students are most deserving of the award. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience, you’ll meet new people, and you’ll be doing a great service to youth in your community.

If you have ever received a scholarship for college, you remember the feeling that went along with it. It’s an outstanding opportunity, and thanks to many donors over the past 40 years, the community foundation has been able to give more and more scholarships each year to Midland County students – totaling well over $4 million to date.

Contact the community foundation no later than March 17th to sign up. Feel free to click on my email address below and ask me anything you’d like about this or other volunteer opportunities through the Midland Area Community Foundation. Happy volunteering!

Tierny, BenBen Tierney is the Director of Communications for the Midland Area Community Foundation. His job is to tell the story of the community foundation to the public, keep donors informed, and take pictures of people holding those giant checks. Ben earned his BBA in Marketing/Management from Northwood University in 2008. He is a 2013 graduate of Leadership Midland and serves on several local committees including the Midland Area Marketing Partnership, mi-Vibe, Midland’s Open Door “Dine on the Doors” event, Riverdays and the Inter-agency Network. You can contact Ben at

Volunteering Can Actually Be Fun. Seriously. [Guest Post]

13 Feb

By Melissa Eigner

Corporate Volunteer Manager, The Dow Chemical Company
The United Way of Midland County

I’m not sure about you, but for me volunteering was something I was forced to do when I was growing up. My parents made me volunteer in the nursery at church, my high school made me volunteer to be in NHS, etc. I never really enjoyed it – it was just another thing that I HAD to do. (And no one likes doing something they HAVE to do, right?) It wasn’t until I accepted my current position as The Dow Chemical Corporate Volunteer Manager three years ago that I saw how awesome (and fun!) volunteering actually is.

Volunteering locally is a great way to get involved in your community and meet fun people!

Volunteering locally is a great way to get involved in your community and meet fun people!

So why volunteer? You probably already have hundreds of other things on your plate right now, why the heck add volunteering to it? Lucky for you, I’ve got all the answers right here.

  1. Meet New Friends – I ALWAYS hear people say, “Midland is boring. Where can I meet NEW people?” I’ll give you a hint. Hitting up the bar three times a week is not going to help you meet new and exciting people. Volunteer! At the very least you’ll meet new people who are good Samaritans like yourself! (Side note: Volunteering does, in fact, make you a good Samaritan)
  2.  Develop Job Skills & Explore Other Interests– No matter how fantastic your current job is, I’m pretty sure there are skills you are not using that you’d like to. Volunteering helps you sharpen these skills. And you might even have skills you don’t know about yet! (Maybe I’m a great painter… I just don’t know it yet!) (Doubt it)
  3.  Make a Difference – I mean, this is the obvious reason, but it’s still important to highlight. Not only will you accomplish bullets 1 & 2, but believe it or not, YOU can actually make a HUGE difference.

So how can you get involved? It’s got to be a super extensive, hard process, involving lots of paperwork, right?


Visit Seriously. That’s it. That ONE website has TONS of volunteer opportunities nonprofits need filled. They post both ongoing volunteer opportunities and quick, onetime volunteer opportunities. If you see something that interests you you can sign up right on the site. You can also see a list of local nonprofit organizations by visiting

So what are you waiting for? Go make some new friends, develop your skills and make a difference! (But only if you want to. This is not me forcing you to volunteer.)

Melissa Eigner

Melissa Eigner currently works for the United Way of Midland County as the Dow Chemical Corporate Volunteer Manager. In this position Melissa acts as a liaison between the United Way of Midland, Bay and Saginaw County and The Dow Chemical Company. Melissa received her Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Public Relations from Michigan State University in 2009 and is a graduate of both Leadership Bay County Class of 2011 and Leadership Midland Class of 2012. Melissa has an extensive volunteer background including projects with Habitat for Humanity, The National Junior Disability Championships, The Qualifier Marathon and The Alpha Race. Melissa currently lives in Midland with her goldendoodle, Torrey.
Melissa on LinkedIn
Melissa on Twitter

MYPros in 2013: We Didn’t Take This Year Lying Down!

15 Jan


I was going to start off this blog post by saying something like “wow 2013 has come and gone, and… Can you believe it’s already 2014!” But that seems so generic and I tend to try to do things a little differently! So I am going to start by saying that I can’t wait to see what 2014 holds for MYPros. In 2013 we accomplished so much and added a few more layers to this program. If you’re someone who likes to go by the numbers, here’s a breakdown of the 2013 MYPros program.


  • There were 14 total young professional events.
  • MYPros hosted 10 total events for the year and we were hosted by Saginaw and Bay City YPs for four events, two per city.
  • MYPros held four luncheons, four social events (two were regional) and two Pilsners & Politics.
  • There were 527 total young professionals that attended at least one MYPros event.  I have to say that again…that’s 527 individuals!
  • We raised $2,300 to pay for MYPros t-shirts to be given out to YP’s. We raised this money by hosting the “Fury at Currie” golf outing.
  • We started a new giving circle in Midland specifically for young professionals, the 100 Young Professionals Club. The 100 YP Club’s goal is to obtain 100 members; in our first year we have 46 members.
  • The 100 YP Club held two meetings and donated a total of $3,900 in 2013; $1,600 to Midland Area Homes and $2,300 to Creative 360.
  • In 2013, the MYPros Communications Subcommittee created 12 newsletters, one every month.
  • The Communications Subcommittee also unveiled the new MYPros blog in July of 2013. To date we have had 2,146 hits in just six months.
  • The MYPros Marquee was created in 2013 as a resource for young professionals to find out what’s going on in the community and all the fun events happening.
  • 2013 was the last year our wonderful, fearless leader, Karl Ieuter of Ieuter Insurance Group, was Chair of the MYPros Steering Committee.  A special thank you goes out to Karl; he has devoted much of his time to this program and has been a dedicated Chair for the past three years. Thank you Karl!


So after all this you might be asking, what’s next in 2014? Well here’s a peek into the upcoming year…

  • Ben Morlock of The Dow Chemical Company  will be Chair of the MYPros Steering Committee, and Trish Ross of Members First Credit Union will be Chair-Elect.
  • New this year, MYPros will host two orientation sessions for new members of MYPros. This will help new YP’s learn more about the program and how they can get involved. These sessions will be sponsored by Northwood University’s DeVos Graduate School.
  • We will continue with our events, hosting four luncheons, social events and Pilsners & Politics.
  • The 100 YP Club will meet twice this year again and we hope by the end of 2014 we will reach our goal of 100 members!
  • We will continue to grow the MYPros blog and newsletter, as well as the MYPros Marquee.


This is just a sample of what’s to come in 2014! Thank you to all of you who help to make the MYPros program what it is today, either by volunteering on a committee or attending events. Without all of your participation we wouldn’t have this program. So thank you again for making 2013 a success! If you have any comments or suggestions for programming in 2014, please feel free to email me your thoughts at  I always love to hear new ideas!


Small Project – HUGE Impact!

15 Oct

100 Young Professional Club

Once again the 100 Young Professionals Club was able to make a significant contribution to a local organization. Creative 360 was the chosen nonprofit to donate our pooled monies to at the meeting on October 3.

Karl Ieuter, who is a board member at Creative 360, had his name chosen out of the bowl to be one of the three presenters. He informed the group that Creative  360 has been trying to fundraise for new carpet. According to Karl, they have been struggling with it because it’s not an exciting project and not many people      were willing to give. Creative 360 had already raised $6,000 on their own and only needed a little more to complete their fundraising.

100 Young Professionals Club

With the 100 YP Club’s $2,300, we completed the fundraising so that Creative 360 can purchase new carpet. Even though this is a small project, we really made a    HUGE impact! Without our support, Creative 360 may not have been able to finish this crucial upgrade.

The other presenters at this meeting talked about projects with the Mid-Michigan Royal Family Kids and the Midland Area Partnership for Drug-Free Youth.    People can nominate the same organization and project at each meeting so these organizations could be chosen again at future meetings.

Not only was the donation a success and very heartwarming, but we increased the number of our Club’s members! In April, we had 32 members, and after the October meeting, we are up to 46 members! Our goal is to get to 100 members though, so if anyone would like to join, or knows of someone who would like to join, please contact Jennelle Maki at the Chamber and let her know! She can get you all the necessary information. You can also learn more about the Club in general at the Chamber’s website.

The next 100 YP Club meeting is TBD so check back for more information and stay tuned! At the next MYPros luncheon, the check for $2,300 will be presented to a representative from Creative 360 and all members of the Club will be recognized.

So, What’s Being Built Downtown Near the Dow Diamond?

18 Sep


Conceptual image from

A lot of people have been asking,” What’s being built downtown?”  I know I am curious about it.  So far, all I know about the development is that it’s been dubbed the “East End” and that there will be offices and restaurants/coffee shops going in that building.  Like many of you, I can’t wait for the upcoming MYPros luncheon on September 26th at the Dow Diamond from 11:30 a.m.- 1:00 p.m. This luncheon is all about the East End, and we have four of the key leaders in this development presenting on a panel for this event. We have Jon Lynch, City Manager of Midland, MI, Kevin McGraw, President of Caddis Development Group, Herb Spence, President & CEO of Spence Brothers and Pat Gillespie, President of Gillespie Group.

I look forward to hearing all about how this development got started, when the project will be complete, what economic impact it will have on Midland and what this means for the future of Midland and our downtown area.  I also can’t wait to hear all about the businesses going in the East End. I know like many of you I would love more local restaurants, bars and of course, shopping!  For more information about the luncheon and to register, Click Here.

Weblin 3